Eileen Jones

Principal, Branded Environments, Chicago

Seeking inspiration in the most remote places, Eileen does extensive trekking and hiking all over the world. She enjoys exploring the influence that natural systems can have on design, and the stories they might evoke.

How does this relate to brand? Creating a sense of place where people can have an experience that resonates and is relevant to them is very important to Eileen.  The built world provides a sincere opportunity to engage and connect people. Through the arrangement of the environment and the movement from one space to another, Eileen’s purpose is to create places where people have an experience that is personal, meaningful and relevant to them – places where values, culture and vision come to life, and connect us all.

Eileen’s ambition comes full circle. In addition to designing world-class branded environments, she serves on various University boards, keen on doing her part to teach and connect with future generations of design professionals.  She believes in the importance of learning from each other, and in the intersection of wisdom and new ideas. As the world continues to evolve, so must we.

Eileen Jones and Eva Maddox on Creativity
Take a walk with Eva Maddox and Eileen Jones as they share some of the inspiration for their creativity.
“Inspiration comes wherever you find it. It’s a combination of experience and exposure—things you see and interpret based on past experiences, and how you marry knowledge with intuition.”
Eileen in Patagonia, where she hiked 22 miles a day for two weeks – one of the most strenuous, yet most beautiful experiences among her adventures.
Haworth Showroom, Chicago, IL
Haworth Showroom, Chicago, IL
Connecting patterns and product expressions help bridge ideas of brand message and product features.

Eileen's Featured Work

Häfele New York Showroom
New York, New York
Exterior dusk shot
Baylor Scott & White Sports Therapy and Research at The Star
Frisco, Texas
Newell Brands Design Center
Kalamazoo, Michigan
Our Chicago Studio
Chicago, Illinois
American Express Sunrise Corporate Center
Sunrise, Florida
University of North Texas University Union
Denton, Texas