Enrique Villa

Associate Principal, Operations Director, New York

Enrique comes from a family of five, three of whom chose to study architecture: It seems design and construction are in his DNA. Growing up, he and his family traveled around the world to job sites with his father, an architect and builder, who owned his own company for over forty years.

In his 20-plus years of practice, Enrique has had the opportunity to work in multiple project typologies. He is passionate about sustainability and innovation, continually searching for new ways to improve how we practice and design. An entrepreneur at heart, Enrique ran his own sustainability practice for two and a half years, where he focused his work on product development transparency and corporate social responsibility.

As Director of Operations, he feels his management career has been driven by a mandate of collaboration: facilitating the coming together of a team to make a project successful.

“When I’m with a client, I’m always trying to understand: Where are they coming from? What are they trying to accomplish?  What can we do to make their lives better? As architects, we are constantly improving ourselves. So, I try to examine what I can bring to the table to help them improve.”
Enrique has worked and developed projects in more than 20 countries: Living out of a suitcase is perfectly acceptable, and he still enjoys traveling as a hobby.
Enrique’s passion for sustainability was ignited almost “by accident.”

Early in his career he worked on a government contract to research and understand how to make the embassies around the world more sustainable – right around the time when the idea just started to take shape. He became one of the early adopters of the LEED rating system. This initial work in sustainability led to research that provided thought-leadership and made a significant impact on the understanding of what it means to be stewards of our resources in the built environment.

He competes in several triathlons every summer, slowly winning the race...or at least finishing in a decent time.