Geeti Silwal

Principal, Urban Design, San Francisco

Geeti grew up in a small, hard-working, steel township in India called Durgapur. As one of four siblings, Geeti attributes her principles of ‘zero waste’ to her humble family upbringing. Her parents have been her greatest inspiration in life. Studying architecture at Jadavpur University in Kolkata and spending her early design years in Delhi, Geeti discovered her intense desire to use the power of good design to positively impact greater number of lives and enable richer daily experiences for the common man. This discovery propelled her to pursue a master’s degree in Urban Design at UC Berkeley.

She believes that urban designers and planners need to be strong advocates of healthy cities. Working to develop a vision for a community’s future, Geeti deems it her fundamental responsibility to put in place a framework for a regenerative, urban environment that promotes the health of the ecosystem, the people, and the economy.

Geeti loves travelling, exploring new cities and getting to know different cultures. She and her husband often embark upon spontaneous trips across the world.

Urban Design
Envisioning a new kind of urban neighborhood in the emerging Santa Clara North district near Levi’s Stadium.
Mission Point in Santa Clara, California
“Everyday city spaces that have the power to instill dignity and build memorable experiences for the common man are of primary interest to me.”
San Mateo Wastewater Treatment Plant Concept
Design Competition Finalist
Innovation and Research
Ecoshed Planning for Resilient Cities

Geeti is passionately engaged in developing zero-waste solutions at the building, district, and city scale. Her original research called the ‘Resource Infinity Loop’–a closed loop for water and nutrients–addresses multiple global issues of water scarcity, food security, climate change, and social equity through the reuse of urban wastewater for urban agriculture.

Geeti's Featured Work

Potrero Power Station
San Francisco, California
Sacramento Valley Station Area Plan
Sacramento, California
Mission Rock
San Francisco, California