Heather Stonebraker

Corporate Interiors, North Carolina

Heather grew up in Texas with parents who taught her to love travel and embrace other cultures. Already interested in the psychology of space, it was during her first years after graduating from design school while working in museums, that Heather found her passion for design and the process that surrounds it.

Heather excels in leading challenging, large-scale projects requiring detailed team coordination. Using process mapping, she has managed several projects for global companies. Heather is a firm leader, believing that client success is predicated not only through perseverance, but also a happy, healthy team.

A Cellist since 5th grade, Heather continues lessons to this day and enthusiastically supports arts education for children. Heather and her husband Dale share their home with Scout, a Newfoundland, and two basset hounds, Franklin and Mabel.

I believe in a process that is holistic and uses information—including key benchmarks—in a strategic manner throughout the course of the project. I approach team collaboration in the same way, ensuring each team member has a voice and an opportunity to learn and grow in their roles.”
Heather applies strategic project leadership processes to align design approach with Red Hat's core brand identity and expanding workplace needs.
Red Hat,Tyson's Corner
Heather develops a true synergy between the designers and the client.
Red Hat, Raleigh Open Studio