Kami Kinkaid

Associate Principal, K-12 Education, San Francisco

Kami’s design perspective was shaped by a childhood spent in small town Kansas. Her father–a local contractor–would take a piece of paper and draw a box with windows and doors on it, and that’s how he would build a house. Thankfully, Kami’s own process is more detail-oriented.

A leader in K-12 education design, Kami enjoys creating spaces that directly benefit the people they’re built for. She was recently interviewed by a group of third graders at the San Francisco Friends School–one of the first education projects she was involved with from start to finish–and was happy to see how much the students loved their school.

Kami enjoys traveling with her husband and two children, and is an advocate for being a perpetual tourist in your own city.

The Urban School
The light filled commons looks out onto a full size gymnasium/event center, with both working together to create a social and activity center of the entire building.
“Good or bad, wherever you went to school you remember it. If we can create spaces that inspire we’re setting the students up for a better learning experience.”
San Francisco Friends School
Flexible spaces are created for multiple types of uses, like a quite study space in the commons.
Willows Community School, Master Plan
"We maximized the flexibility of the campus by using the spaces in between the existing classrooms as functional corridors where breakout groups gather."
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Kami's Featured Work

The Urban School
San Francisco, California