Michael McPhail

Associate Principal, Chicago

By the time Mike was 10 years old, he knew that he wanted to be an architect.  He and his family would drive down to Chicago a couple times a year. Growing up in small-town Wisconsin, the city was shocking and exciting: he knew that was where he wanted to practice architecture when he grew up.

Eager to explore new places, Mike chose University of Minnesota which had a dedicated study abroad program throughout the Middle East and southern Europe.  At the conclusion of the program, Mike extended his trip and spent the next few months traveling through Europe. It was an experience that validated his decision to become an architect and ignited a passion for travel and contemporary design.

After completing his education, Mike took a position at a firm in Minneapolis, but never lost sight of his dream to practice architecture in Chicago.  When an opportunity at our firm presented itself, the decision was simple.

Mike doesn't judge success just by aesthetics. Projects are supposed to look good. For him, seeing his clients enjoy the process is the hallmark of success.
Spaulding Rehabilitation Clinic
Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital
If Mike had the opportunity to reconnect with any of his past clients, it would probably be the project team from Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital. It was a long project – several years in design. Everybody on the team shared the same perspective - that the project was worthwhile, and that they were going to enjoy the process. In terms of collaboration, it stands out as a wonderful project experience.
Our vision for Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital was to create a space that promotes healing and addresses the needs of the widest possible audience. To design a building that was welcoming to all, our team incorporated inclusive design principles, working with accessibility experts and conducting our own extensive research to create a hospital of the future—one that goes well beyond the base requirements of fulfilling regulatory guidelines.
“Architecture can be such a fun profession, especially when you enjoy the projects and the process. For many clients this is the only time they will ever do something like this. From that perspective, it needs to be a good experience for them.”

Michael's Featured Work

The Johns Hopkins Hospital, Sheikh Zayed Tower and The Charlotte R. Bloomberg Children’s Center
Baltimore, Maryland
Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital
Charlestown, Massachusetts