Rasna Grewal


Born and raised in Kenya, Rasna’s childhood included time spent in her architect father’s office, being fascinated by the drawing boards and drafting instruments. She also became familiar with construction sites, watching with intrigue as wheelbarrow loads of fresh concrete morphed into grey skeletons and eventually completed buildings. She was educated at Cheltenham Ladies College in the UK, where she developed a love of art and her afternoons in the century-old art studio, and where she was encouraged to follow a career in architecture. Rasna now has over 30 years of international professional experience, having lived and worked in the UK, Kenya, Zimbabwe, and the UAE.

Rasna has lived in Dubai since 2005, and has watched the city radically change during this time.  She has made the most of Dubai’s central location to enjoy her love of travel, in which she tries to include her interests in nature, skiing, scuba diving and horse riding.