Steve Breuer

Principal, Corporate Interiors, Dallas

Steve has always had a drive for discovery. In 7th grade, his parents bought him a drafting desk with a slide rule and triangles. It was then that he developed a desire to pursue a career in architecture and this is also where his own personal design philosophy evolved: Dive deep and work hard.

Steve is known for his technical skills, patience, and attention to detail—skills he honed in his younger years when sitting first chair as a clarinet player in junior high. Through the years, he has established a strong track record for moving projects from conceptualization to completion swiftly and effectively.

“One piece of advice—if you’re excited and interested in what you’re doing, you should get involved in every aspect and learn as much as you can from whoever you can along the way.”
If Steve were to write a book, it would be about details, details, details. His favorite books are those about the famous architects who constructed churches and cathedrals—it's the intricacies that inspire him.
Steve working on drawings
Lending a Helping Hand

When not in the office, Steve spends his time volunteering for Hearts and Hammers, an organization that provides exterior home improvement assistance for those in need.

Steve's Featured Work

Houston, Texas
True North Breakroom
True North Office
Dallas, Texas