Baylor Research and Innovation Collaborative Exterior

Baylor University Research and Innovation Collaborative

Waco, Texas
Where the Rubber Meets the Road: A New Home for Research and Innovation

When Baylor University, Texas State Technical College, and local businesses joined forces to create a regional center for economic innovation, they sought a design team with a very particular set of skills. They needed a one-of-a-kind place whose look and feel captured the spirit of the center’s mission, but also one that supported its activities from the outside in.

We transformed an obsolete General Tire manufacturing facility into a high-tech, multi-disciplinary center for outside-the-box thinking and discovery. The Baylor Research and Innovation Collaborative (BRIC) brings together graduate research programs in electrical and mechanical engineering, technology training, and workforce development under one roof to promote the exchange of information and ideas. Designed to facilitate collaboration across a cross-section of students, faculty, researchers, and business leaders, BRIC serves as a hub for knowledge-building, idea incubation, and business acceleration.


Person Working in a Lab
BRIC is a vanguard facility that brings together cutting-edge research, technology training, and workforce development.
“We relied a lot on [Perkins&Will’s] strengths as far as laboratory planning. There was a lot of time and effort spent in looking at the facility as a whole to make sure that the modular laboratory construction concept made sense for this building.”

Kevin Karr, Baylor Senior Project Manager

Collaboration in the lab
Meeting Room
Collaborative Environment

The naturally day-lit atria and gallery spaces serve to connect the various occupants while, at the same time, fostering collaboration. Shared services and amenities such as stairs, meeting rooms, and break-out spaces are strategically located within these open spaces to encourage interaction and to support research.

Open, entryway view
The adaptive reuse of a manufacturing facility for a center of research and development.
What Makes It Cool
This interdisciplinary facility is designed with the intent of sharing equipment, services, and amenities for future research, business, and industry initiatives.
Showing multiple floors of the old factory

Project Team

Ed Cordes
Diego Rozo
Angela Whitaker-Williams