Kauffman Prep School
Kauffman Prep School

Ewing Marion Kauffman School

Kansas City, Missouri
Designing For Academic Rigor

To serve students who were struggling academically and from low-income families, the Kauffman Foundation sought to create a new school that would engage a community of lifelong learners.

We partnered with the Kauffman Foundation to develop a beacon of learning: The campus accommodates a curriculum focused on discipline. Flexible spaces are arranged across this former office complex, giving the students the independence they need to hold themselves and each other accountable.

The mix of independent and group study spaces were deliberate. The design team knew that students’ social and academic needs change as they grow. Spaces for younger students allow for more structure and classroom learning, while the high school features independent study spaces, social areas, and accommodations for project-based learning.

Since the school opened, test scores have increased and students are graduating readier than they’ve ever been to succeed beyond graduation.

Aerial View of Kauffman
A former office building was transformed into a flexible, creative learning environment for low-income students.
Students Reading
Shared learning spaces.
Student Walking Down the Stairs
What Makes It Cool
As students move through the grades, the buildings are planned to nurture their increased maturity.
Kauffman Open Area
Energy use is reduced by the use of automatic controls and occupancy sensors throughout the school.

Associate Architect:

Project Team

Steve Turckes
Aimee Eckmann
Chris Hale
Bryan Schabel