Fleury Itaim

Fleury Itaim

São Paulo, Brazil
Patients First

Fleury is one of Brazil’s best-known diagnosis laboratories. Wanting to develop a new space that reflected their values of excellence, sustainability, and humanity, they enlisted us to design a modern diagnosis lab that put patients’ privacy and well-being first.

We created a welcoming, comfortable space for patients that enhances natural light and stimulates wellness.

The building’s two blocks are clad with white glass, giving them a modern look and alluding to the technology applied in diagnosis. The material also offers privacy to the patients without impairing natural light.
Brise-soleils were used at the spots with most solar exposure in order to improve energy efficiency.
An Artful Atrium

Transparent glass on the façade allows for views from the reception area to the outside.

A central atrium holds a 20-foot sculpture of organic forms designed by Brazilian artists Ary Perez and Denise Milan.

Project Team

Lara Kaiser
Fernando Vidal
Douglas Tolaine