Wenzhou Kean - exterior
Wenzhou Kean Uni - interior

Wenzhou Kean University Student Center and Library

Wenzhou, China
The Heart of Campus

As the second phase construction of a US/China joint-venture university, the Student Center and Library plays a critical role not only for providing important amenities for a fast growing student body, but also for creating a central heart of the entire university.

Located between the academic zone and resident quarters of the campus, the building is positioned to serve students for a variety of needs from quiet learning to project collaboration, from student groups to university wide performances, and from IT support to restaurant and café. With programs offered at all hours, the facility serves as a central hub that brings together all students and reinforces student life experiences.

Working closely with faculties from US Kean and Wenzhou Kean, we created an iconic yet contextual facility that reflects leading ideas for the 21st-Century library and student center design.

Wenzhou Kean - interior
What makes it cool
This hybrid facility aims to become the first of its kind in China as a leading 21st-Century, higher-education library, and an icon that represents the spirit of the university.
Wenzhou Kean - interiors
Building without Walls

The design pushes to eliminate the sense of physical boundaries by maximizing transparencies and visual connections. This strategy creates an environment that promotes interaction, collaboration and a sense of community.

Wenzhou Kean Uni - rendering
Wenhzou Kean - section
Vertical Public Street
Connecting with key pedestrian pathways of the campus, we created a “public street” that ascends from the base to all the way up to the top of the building. It is not only a central vertical spine that connects all the public programs within the building but also an active place for social interaction.
“The building demonstrates the changing role of the 21st Century library from a place for books to a place for students. As an iconic heart of the campus, the design expresses openness, transparency and celebrates the spirit of student collaboration.”

Zheng Xiaodong, Vice-President of Wenzhou Kean University

Project Team

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James Lu