Accessibility for Applicants with Disabilities

Our firm, Perkins and Will, is an equal employment opportunity employer. Consistent with applicable law, we provide access and opportunities to those with disabilities. This commitment includes providing reasonable accommodation to individuals with disabilities and disabled veterans who seek to access our online application system. Our firm has made extensive efforts to ensure that this online application system is accessible to individuals with disabilities. However, if an applicant is unable to fully access that online application system, we will provide a reasonable accommodation.

Applicants with disabilities may contact us at [email protected] for assistance accessing the online application system. Please be sure to include a detailed description of the requested accommodation, your name, and preferred method of contact. We will make every effort to respond to your request within two (2) business days. This email alias is not for the general submissions of application materials. Application materials submitted through [email protected] will not be considered. We will not provide a response to inquiries made to [email protected] that are not related to accessibility of the online application system by persons with disabilities.