We believe diversity drives innovation and inclusion sparks creativity.

Different perspectives from people of different backgrounds paint a canvas of ideas with bolder, brighter colors. The combined creativity is infinite.

Together, we’re designing a more vibrant, dynamic world. We’re moving beyond socially constructed barriers and stereotypes and toward an open, united, productive society.

We're proud to lead our industry by example.

Our Diversity, Inclusion, and Engagement program supports and strengthens a firmwide culture that embraces and celebrates all people, regardless of age, culture, ethnicity, gender identity, language, physical ability, race, religion, sexual orientation, size, or socioeconomic status. Inclusion is paramount. Because when people feel included, they feel inspired and empowered. And that leads to innovation.

Race and Equity in Design: A Global Dialogue

In August 2020, we hosted a global conversation on race and equity in design. Moderated by Dahmahlee Lawrence, an architect in our New York studio, and featuring Cheryl Durst, CEO of the International Interior Design Association; Kofi Boone, professor of landscape architecture at NC State University; Maurice Cox, commissioner of Chicago’s Department of Planning and Development; and Kenneth Luker, design principal in our North Carolina practice, the discussion focused on the historically negative impacts of architecture on Black communities in the U.S.—and on what we can do now to effect positive change. Click on the video to the left to watch the recording.

You can also read a summary of the conversation’s big takeaways here.

Combating Racism: Our Pledge to the Black Design Community
3 team members looking over drawing
Our firm's people-first philosophy is built on three core principles:

A diverse talent pool mirrors the diversity of our clients and communities, and ensures outside-the-box design thinking.

Image of team members at table

The inclusion of many voices—both within our firm and in the communities we serve—gives everyone the opportunity to contribute in a meaningful way. This leads to more enriched designs solutions.


People who feel included are naturally more engaged, and engagement creates a sense of pride, ownership, and accountability.

Keeping ourselves accountable.

To make sure we uphold these principles in all aspects of our work, we established the design industry’s first Diversity Council.

Led by our Director of Global Diversity Gabrielle Bullock, the Council is made up of a rotating cross-section of diverse staff from around the world. It’s responsible for creating and maintaining a firmwide culture and set of business best practices that celebrate human differences.

“We are deliberate and intentional in our commitment to diversity and inclusion.”

–Gabrielle Bullock, Principal, Director of Global Diversity

Making A Difference: The Phil Freelon Fellowship

In partnership with the Harvard Graduate School of Design (GSD) and our colleague Phil Freelon, we offer a national fellowship for African American and other under-represented students. Introduced in 2016, the Phil Freelon Fellowship provides expanded academic opportunities to students of color, and helps fill the profession’s talent pipeline with more diverse designers.

“The support from Mr. Freelon and his firm, Perkins&Will, is absolutely incredible, and I am so humbled and honored by this fellowship. It enables me to pursue something that I love so much, and propels me in a direction to do the best work I can.”

–Aria Griffin, the first Phil Freelon Fellow