Tony Layne

Principal, Managing Director, Minneapolis

Tony’s desire to become an architect was nurtured over summers spent at his grandparents’ house. It was while assisting his grandfather in designing and rebuilding sailboats where his lifelong affinity for building, sketching, and design imprinted. The complex combination of craft, physics, and art that sailboats required influenced Tony’s design leadership approach decades later.

Having helped shape the sustainability curriculum as the first graduate of the University of Minnesota’s Masters of Science in Sustainable Design program, Tony’s strategic mindset and focus foreshadowed the architectural leader he would become: Co-Chair of Perkins and Will’s Sustainable Design Initiative, and later one of the youngest Managing Director in Perkins and Will’s history.

Tony’s leadership style is one of connection, alignment, and strategy. With the ability to anticipate several steps ahead he steers teams towards a clear vision for any design challenge. This foresight has led to some of the firm’s most sustainable and successful building projects.

Tony's Featured Work

Our Minneapolis Studio
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Kenosha Downtown Development Master Plan
Kenosha, Wisconsin
Land O'Lakes Headquarters Entrance
Land O’Lakes Headquarters Expansion
Arden Hills, Minnesota
Perkins and Will明尼苏达办公室