Fire Station 27

Fire Station 27

Dallas, Texas
Design to the Rescue

When we set out to design the replacement station for Fire Station 27 we were faced with a challenge–an urban site that was too small to accommodate the program and required parking.

Breaking from the typical firehouse designs in the city, our solution was to develop a multi-level facility to house the 15 firefighters per shift that live there. Creating a layout that would ensure their brief response time while maintaining their safety was key.

The result is a facility that represents the most advanced design of all the City of Dallas’ fire stations.

A vertical design solution keeps the response time under 60 seconds.
People-Places and Machine-Spaces

The design intends to re-establish a proper civic presence for the firehouse. Volumetric separation between the people-places and the machine-spaces is created by a glazed atrium. Defined by a 2-story high “story wall,” this atrium brings natural daylight deep into the building and celebrates the history and legacy of firefighting in the service of community.

2nd Story Firemen_FS27

The ground level contains the main living areas and the pull-through apparatus bays, while the second level houses isolated sleeping quarters and an innovative fitness room suspended over the apparatus bays. Below grade is a secure parking garage that is also used as an emergency shelter when necessary.

FS27 apparatus bays with weight room
FS 27 aerial looking down NW HWY
A cast-in-place concrete wall wraps the building providing structural support while a recessed, 16-foot tall “27” announces the station to passers-by.

The fire station is LEED Gold certified, employing sustainable design strategies such as solar panels, a storm water collection cistern, and high performance glazing, lighting and HVAC system.

Project Team

Ron Stelmarski
John Strasius
Gardner Vass