Rede D’Or Sino Brasileiro

Osasco, Brazil
An Expanded General Hospital for Osasco

Rede D’Or Sino Brasileiro is a general hospital located in the city of Osasco, next to São Paulo. In order to expand its capacity, Rede D’Or turned to us to develop a retrofit of their space. Observing the hospital’s real needs and the site’s potential, we recommended the addition of a new tower to better organize circulation and make the healthcare center’s clinic and administrative processes more efficient.

The hospital’s new block will house the adult and pediatric emergency rooms, surgical, oncology and obstetric centers, and the ICU.

Hospital capacity will be extended from 100 to 300 beds and from 7 to 13 operating rooms. 
A Research-Informed Layout

The project was developed according to the Evidence Based Design methodology, which focuses on design features that make patient treatment more efficient. We optimized circulation, helping doctors, patients, and their families easily move through the building. Additional features aim to reduce stress and depression levels on patients and the risks of accidents or medical errors.

Project Team

Douglas Tolaine
Lara Kaiser